Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD)

FODPZ Profile

The Federation of Organisations of Disabled People in Zimbabwe (FODPZ) is a national disability umbrella body of various national Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs). The FODPZ was formed on the 26 July 2003 as a non-profit making organisation and was registered as a Private Voluntary Organisation in 2004 (P.V.O. 14/2004).


Historical Background

In the past a similar organisation, the Zimbabwe Federation of the Disabled (ZIFOD) was in existence, however efforts to register ZIFOD failed because of unclear circumstances.
What was however interesting was that in its unregistered form, ZIFOD made a great deal of progress including effectively lobbying for the enactment of the Disabled Persons Act in 1992. During the late 1990’s a quasi umbrella under the name Zimbabwe National Disability Forum (ZNDF) was also established. However evidence on the ground shows that not much was achieved by ZNDF. Both ZIFOD and ZNDF disbanded to pave way for the formation of FODPZ.
Despite experiencing institutional capacity challenges over the past few years, today FODPZ has a seven-member National Committee of the Board that was elected in February 2015 after 14 years.  The Federation is managed by a governing board of representative members from the affiliate organisations with its offices in Harare.

Vision Of FODPZ

To achieve equalization of opportunities for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all persons with disabilities in Zimbabwe

Mission Statement

“We the body of organizations of persons with disabilities, are committed to the promotion of equality, human rights and sustainable development through the support of capacitated and well-coordinated members that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of people with disabilities”.

FODPZ Membership

The FODPZ has a membership of 12 National representative organizations of Persons with Disabilities and parents of children with disabilities who are decision makers of the organization and form the general assembly of the organization. The affiliated are as follows:
  1. National Council of Disabled People of Zimbabwe (NCDPZ)
  2. Zimbabwe Down’s Syndrome Association (ZDSA)
  3. Zimbabwe Parents of Handicapped Children Association (ZPHCA)
  4. Albino Association
  5. Zimbabwe Association of the Visually Handicapped (ZAHV)
  6. Zimbabwe Women in Development (ZWIDE)
  7. Muscular Dystrophy Association of Zimbabwe (MDAZ)
  8. Association of the Deaf (ASSOD)
  9. Zimbabwe National Association of the Deaf (ZIMNAD)
  10. Epilepsy Foundation
  11. Quadriplegic Association of Zimbabwe (QUAPAZ)
  12. Zimbabwe Sports of the Disabled Association (ZSAD)

Brief Country Disability Profile 

Zimbabwe has no Disability Policy in place although there is a Disabled Persons Act (DPA) which was passed by Parliament in 1996. FODPZ together with other stakeholders produced a draft disability policy. The document can only become a policy when approved by government.
It is understood that Cabinet approved the draft policy recently. The last stage left is the validation and the signing of the document by the responsible Government Minister. The date for a meeting to validate the disability policy is not yet set by Government. For a more detailed country disability profile for Zimbabwe, Please Click Here»

What We Do

In order to address some of the challenges outlined above, FODPZ seeks to facilitate the collaboration , networking and voluntary coordination of the activities of the organisations of disabled people in Zimbabwe, with the aim of enhancing through capacity building the effectiveness of advocacy and lobbying efforts directed to improving the lives of disabled people in the country.
The federation also seeks to provide a common forum for the exchange of information and advice on all matters affecting disabled people in the country.
FODPZ works with national and local authorities towards achieving an environment that is conducive to the attainment and enjoyment of full human rights by disabled people.
Where We Are Now
FODPZ is currently implementing and/or coordinating a number activities following its successful general assembly in February in 2015 after years of inactivity.
For example, FODPZ is in the third and final year of partnership with African Development Alliance (ADA) as of July 2015. The partnership, whose objective is to implement a project called Communities of Practice in Disability Advocacy for Mainstreaming (COPDAM), targets influential government technocrats. COPDAM project also seeks influence civic organizations to embrace disability issues in all spheres of their work. 
Although it is sad that the FODPZ’’s funding for COPDAM project will be ending at the end of the year; the good news is that CBM promised to fund FODPZ to continue the activities of COPDAM. CBM opens a regional office in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2015. Several meetings were held between CBM officials and FODPZ.
CBM is also organizing a meeting of all international development donor agents based in Harare, in order to introduce and link them with FODPZ.

Board Members

FODPZ held its General Assembly on 26 and 27 February 2015 where it elected its current board members as follows:

National Chairperson:

Mr. Watson Khupe (Physical/Muscular Dystrophy)

Vice chairperson:

Ms. Ms. Sitembeni Manduna (Deaf)

National Secretory:

Mr. Taurai Kadzviti (Epilepsy)

Honorary Treasurer

Ms. Mercy Maunganidze (Albinism)

Committee members:

  • Ms. Constance Sibanda (Visually Impaired)
  • Ms. Farai Munyamana (Deaf)
  • Mr. Chrispen Mayuke (Physical)


Contact Person: 

Mr. Watson Khupe
National Chairperson
Tel:  +263 9 72740 
Cell:  +263 712 543 104 / +263 777 958 458