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We ask you to spare even as little as two minutes only (or more, preferably!) of your precious time to get involved with our work at SAFOD and help make a mark in this world that is yet grappling with the idea of leveling the ground for everybody – both those with or without disabilities – to enjoy their inherent rights. Here are just some of the ways you can get involved:

1.    Spread the Word

You can help us spread the word by sharing information and articles related to disabilities in Southern Africa and beyond published on this site to friends and colleagues or anyone you may know or not know. Share our story on Twitter and Facebook, and link to us on LinkedIn. We have made it even easier by providing shareable links on many of our pages. With your help, we can together spread the word and raise awareness about disabilities. You can also share our content through this button:

2.    Blog About Us

Help spread the word about the work that we do in Southern Africa and beyond through your media channels. Bloggers and journalists can find press releases, disability resources and more in our e-library.

3.    Become a Partner

Work with us to help spread the word about disabilities and inclusive development in Southern Africa and beyond by becoming a partner. Together we can come up with some great ideas on how you can help us achieve our objectives in a way that would also benefit your work.

4.    Volunteer for SAFOD

Learn the different volunteer programmes available at SAFOD Secretariat and at any of our national affiliates’ locations in ten countries where we operate. You can also volunteer with us online without having to physically travel or stay with us. Learn more here.

5.    Join our Youth Ambassadors Programme  

If you are a youth who believes in the work that we do, you do not necessarily have e a disability yourself in order to take part in our work. You do not necessarily need to be situated in the Southern Africa region. Under the Youth Ambassadors Programme, we welcome all youths for all the corners of the world to support our work in various ways. Learn more about our Youth Programs here!

6.    Donate. 

Your donation – whether in cash or kind; whether materially, financially or morally; whether through volunteering of your technical skills, etc. – helps keep our organisation free from corporate influence and independent from government agendas, while at the same time increase out impact in the communities we work. Donate Now

7.    Sign Petition. 

From time to time, SAFOD issues petitions Governments and/or other duty bearers to take specific action on various issues affecting the rights and welfare of persons with disabilities. For example, “An Appeal for SADC and AU Member States to Take Firm Action To Protect Persons with Albinism” is one of such petitions that you are invited to sign here:!

8.    Subscribe to our Newsletter

Subscribe to our Disability Frontline Newsletter in order to be updated about the events and activities happening within the SAFOD network or within the disability movement in Southern Africa and beyond. This is a periodic e-newsletter which, if all factors remain equal, is meant to be published quarterly.

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